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Nuredin Loxha         
Ballets by Nuredin Loxha
Nuredin Loxha (1935–1992) is a Kosovar Albanian librettist, set designer, production designer and costume designer. He was born in Peć, Kosovo, then part of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, and died in Pristina.
Nureddin Vergin         
Nuredin Vergin
Nuredin Vergin is a Turkish diplomat. As of the early 1960s, he served as ambassador of Turkey to Greece, Spain and Portugal.
Nûredin Zaza         
WRITER (1919-1988)
Nûredin Zaza (born 15 February 1919; Maden – 7 October 1988; Lausanne) was a Kurdish politician, writer and poet. He was a co-founder of the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Syria and a founding member of the Kurdish Institute of Paris.