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Nurul Alam         
Nurul Alam is a politician from Chittagong District of Bangladesh. He was elected a member of parliament from Chittagong-7 in February 1996.
Nurul Alam Naqiatuddin Syah         
Seri Ratu Naqiatuddin Nurul Alam
Sulṭāna Nurul Alam Naqiatuddin Syah (died 23 January 1678) was the fifteenth ruler of Aceh in northern Sumatra, ruling from 1675 to 1678. She was the second of four queens regnant (sultanas) to rule in succession.
Nurul Alam Atique         
Nurul alam atique
Nurul Alam Atique is a Bangladeshi television dramatist, scriptwriter and film-maker. Atique received the Bangladesh National Film Award as the best scriptwriter for the full-length feature film Kirtonkhola (directed by Abu Syed).
Examples of use of Nurul Alam
1. Nurul Alam, coordinator of Coast Trust, a non–government organization in Cox‘s Bazar, said about 5,000 fishermen from Cox‘s Bazar and nearby islands had gone to Dublarchar in recent weeks.
2. Nurul Alam, Agence France Presse CHITTAGONG, 16 October 2006 Nobel Peace laureate and microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus vowed to make poverty history as he unveiled new plans to transform the fortunes of Bangladeshs poor.