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Nurulla; Noorallah; Noorullah; Nur Allah; Noor Allah; Nurallah; Nur Ullah; Noor Ullah; Norullah
Nurullah () is a masculine given name of Arabic origin, meaning light of God of Muslim origin. It is derived from the Arabi word nur, meaning light, and Allah, meaning God.
Nurullah Hasan         
Ali Nurullah Hasan was a Turkish wrestler. He was known with his nickname as Filiz Nurullah Pehlivan to the Turkish public whereas he used the alias Hassan Nurullah for his professional wrestling career in Western Europe.
Nurullah Tevfik Ağansoy         
Nurullah Tevfik Agansoy
Nurullah Tevfik Ağansoy (1960, Topcular, Istanbul – August 28, 1996, Bebek, Istanbul) was a Turkish mob boss and former Grey Wolves member who was involved in the Susurluk scandal. After the 1980 Turkish coup, he was arrested and sentenced to 16 years in prison for his role in shootings, bombings, and a murder.
Examples of use of Nurullah
1. "I don‘t think the Americans were targeting our people," said Amerifa director Sayed Nurullah Jalili.
2. Nurullah warned that if the teacher beat his daughter again, he will beat up the teacher and – as many parents have done already – withdraw the child from school.
3. Greater Istanbul Municipality City Theaters General Art Director Nurullah Tuncer said at a press conference on Monday that theater troupes from different countries will take part in the festival.
4. Sayed Nurullah, the acting head of Junbesh since Dostum stepped back last year to take up his current posts, told IWPR his group had no armed forces of any kind.
5. Project Coordinator Osman Erkurt said the idea had come from Kas¸ administrative official Nurullah '';akýr. «It took us 40 days to build it,» he said, noting that Ankara University, Israel‘s Haifa University and Texas University had helped them.