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Nusaybah family         
  • Closing ceremony of [[Holy Sepulchre church]]
Nussibeh family.; Nusaybah clan; Nuseibeh family; Shaykh Ghanim
The Nussaiba Clan, commonly spelt in English as Nuseibeh (; also spelt Nusaibah and Nusseibeh) is the oldest Muslim dynasty in Jerusalem. The Nussaiba family has a long history and tight bonds with the Holy Land, since the days their first forefathers conquered Jerusalem in the 7th century.
Padua family         
Lydia Family; Lydia family
The Padua family (FIN: 507), also known as the Lydia family, is a mid-sized family of asteroids of more than a thousand members.
Errázuriz Family         
  • Basque]]
Errazuriz family; Errázuriz family
The Errázuriz family in Chile was founded by Francisco Javier Errázuriz Larraín, who was born in Aranaz, Navarra, Spain, and immigrated to Chile in 1735. His descendants include four presidents of Chile and several prelates of the Catholic Church.