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Nushagak, Alaska         
  • Canneries in Nushagak, 1917
  • Food cache and [[barabara]] sod hut in Nushagak, 1917
  • Getting the fishing boats ready at P.H.J.
  • Fishing boats at a cannery in Nushagak, 1917
  • Gillnet boats and fishermen on the beach in Nushagak, 1917
  • Gillnets on drying racks in Nushagak, 1917
  • Old Bradford Cannery in Nushagak, 1917
  • A new ship named Polar Bear in [[dry dock]], Nushagak 1917
  • Wharf and [[scow]]s at P.H.J.
  • Yupik shaman at Nushagak (ca. 1890s).
Nushagak was a trade center and settlement near the present-day site of Dillingham, Alaska, United States, at the northern end of Nushagak Bay in northern Bristol Bay. It was located near the confluence of the Wood River and Nushagak Rivers.
  • Alaska's interior]]
  • proven oil reserves]] peaked in 1973 and have declined more than 60% since then.
  • Köppen climate types]] of Alaska
  • Albers equal-area conic projection]])
  • Alaskan oil production peaked in 1988 and has declined more than 75% since then.
  • Map of the largest racial/ethnic group by borough. Red indicates Native American, blue indicates non-Hispanic white, and green indicates Asian. Darker shades indicate a higher proportion of the population.
  • [[Bob Bartlett]] and [[Ernest Gruening]], Alaska's inaugural U.S. Senators, hold the 49 star U.S. Flag after the admission of Alaska as the 49th state.
  • Semisopochnoi]].) points in the United States.
  • Alutiiq]] dancer in traditional festival garb
  • Anchorage]], Alaska's largest city
  • Utqiaġvik]] (Browerville neighborhood near [[Eben Hopson]] Middle School shown), known colloquially for many years by the nickname "Top of the World", is the northernmost city in the United States.
  • rural Alaska]]
  • Cordova]], built in the early 20th century to support the [[Kennecott Mines]] and the [[Copper River and Northwestern Railway]], has persevered as a fishing community since their closure.
  • [[Denali]] is the highest peak in North America
  •  Republican [[Don Young]] held Alaska's sole U.S. House seat for 49 years, from 1973 to 2022.
  • its capital]]
  • Main Street in [[Talkeetna]]
  • A [[Bombardier Dash 8]], operated by [[Era Alaska]], on approach to [[Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport]]
  • A dog team in the [[Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race]], arguably the most popular winter event in Alaska
  • John H. Dimond]] State Courthouse, and the [[Alaska State Capitol]]. Many of the smaller buildings in the foreground are also occupied by state government agencies.
  • The [[Kachemak Bay Campus]] of the [[University of Alaska Anchorage]], located in downtown Homer
  • the Spit]]
  • Utqiaġvik]]
  • Miners and prospectors climb the [[Chilkoot Trail]] during the 1898 [[Klondike Gold Rush]].
  • Oil pooled on rocks on the shore of Prince William Sound after the oil spill.
  • [[Halibut]], both as a sport fish and commercially, is important to the state's economy.
  • A line graph showing the presidential vote by party from 1960 to 2016 in Alaska
  • Aerial view of infrastructure at the [[Prudhoe Bay Oil Field]]
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  • Kodiak town]]), [[Kodiak Island]], 1814
  • 265x265px
  • Valdez]]. The [[heat pipe]]s in the column mounts are pertinent, since they disperse heat upwards and prevent melting of [[permafrost]].
  • Tustumena}} (named after [[Tustumena Glacier]]) is one of the state's many ferries, providing service between the [[Kenai Peninsula]], [[Kodiak Island]] and the [[Aleutian Chain]].
  • U.S. troops navigate snow and ice during the [[Battle of Attu]] in May 1943
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¦ noun a native or inhabitant of the US state of Alaska.
¦ adjective relating to Alaska.
Politics of Alaska         
Political history of Alaska; Alaska politics
Political party strength in Alaska has varied over the years. The communities of Juneau, Sitka, downtown and midtown Anchorage, the areas surrounding the college/University of Alaska Fairbanks campus and Ester and the "Alaska Bush" – rural, sparsely populated Alaska – stand out as Democratic strongholds, while the Kenai Peninsula, Matanuska-Susitna Valley, parts of Anchorage, and Fairbanks (including North Pole and Eielson Air Force Base), Ketchikan, Wrangell, and Petersburg serve as the Republican Party electoral base.