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  • An ''[[Amblypodia anita]]'' (purple leaf blue butterfly) gathering [[nutrient]]s from [[guano]]
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·noun That which promotes development or growth.
II. Nutriment ·noun That which nourishes; anything which promotes growth and repairs the natural waste of animal or vegetable life; food; aliment.
Aliment, nourishment, nutrition, food, sustenance, subsistence.
¦ noun nourishment; sustenance.
nutrimental -'m?nt(?)l adjective
ME: from L. nutrimentum, from nutrire 'nourish'.



Nutrition is the biochemical and physiological process by which an organism uses food to support its life. It provides organisms with nutrients, which can be metabolized to create energy and chemical structures. Failure to obtain sufficient nutrients causes malnutrition. Nutritional science is the study of nutrition, though it typically emphasizes human nutrition.

The type of organism determines what nutrients it needs and how it obtains them. Organisms obtain nutrients by consuming organic matter, consuming inorganic matter, absorbing light, or some combination of these. Some can produce nutrients internally by consuming basic elements, while some must consume other organisms to obtain pre-existing nutrients. All forms of life require carbon, energy, and water as well as various other molecules. Animals require complex nutrients such as carbohydrates, lipids, and proteins, obtaining them by consuming other organisms. Humans have developed agriculture and cooking to replace foraging and advance human nutrition. Plants acquire nutrients through soil and the atmosphere. Fungi absorb nutrients around them by breaking them down and absorbing them through the mycelium.

Pronunciation examples for Nutriment
1. off forty inches, or more than a yard of hair a year, and the nutriment which supports this,
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Examples of use of Nutriment
1. It promotes the solubility and absorption of nutriment and metabolism in the human body.
2. The Branch Academy of Biology under the State Academy of Sciences has invented a new kind of fortified plant nutriment to increase crop yielding.
3. Promoting the cause, Shaw said, ‘A mind of the calibre of mine cannot drive its nutriment from cows‘, while Franklin stated that a vegetarian diet resulted in ‘greater clearness of head and quicker comprehension‘. Liz O‘Neill, of the Vegetarian Society, said: ‘We’ve always known that vegetarianism is an intelligent, compassionate choice benefiting animals, people and the environment.