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Nyanga language         
ISO 639:nyj; Kinyanga language
The Nyanga language (native name Kinyanga) is a language spoken by the Nyanga people in Kivu province, north-eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo. Speaker estimates range from 27,000 (Biebuyck & Matheene 1970) to 150,000 (1994 census).
Nyanga-li language         
ISO 639:nyc; Gbati-ri language; Nyanga-Li language; Gbati-Ri language; ISO 639:gti; Nyanga-li; Gbati-ri
Nyanga-li (Linyanga-le) is a Bantu language in Orientale Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Gbati-ri (Gbote) is a dialect.
Nyanga–Buyi languages         
Nyanga–Buyi are a pair of Bantu languages left after the languages of Zone D.40–50 in Guthrie's classification were reclassified.