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Cewa; Nyanja people; Nyanja (people); Cewa people; Chewa culture; AChewa
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¦ noun (plural same or Nyanjas)
1. a member of a people of Malawi and eastern and central Zambia.
2. the Bantu language of the Nyanja.
a local name, lit. 'lake'.
Chewa people         
The Chewa (or AChewa) are a Bantu ethnic group native to central and southern Africa and the largest ethnic group in Malawi. The Chewa are closely related to people in surrounding regions such as the Tumbuka and Nsenga.


Chewa people

The Chewa (or AChewa) is an ethnic group found in Malawi, Zambia and few in Mozambique. The Chewa are closely related to people in surrounding regions such as the Tumbuka and Nsenga. They are historically also related to the Bemba, with whom they share a similar origin in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. As with the Nsenga and Tumbuka, a small part of Chewa territory came under the influence of the Ngoni, who were of Zulu or Natal/Transvaal origin. An alternative name, often used interchangeably with Chewa, is Nyanja. Their language is called Chichewa. Internationally, the Chewa are mainly known for their masks and their secret societies, called Nyau, as well as their agricultural techniques.

The Chewa (like the Nyanja, Tumbuka, Senga, Nsenga, Mang'anja) are a remnant of the Maravi (Malawi) people or empire.

There are two large Chewa clans, the Phiri and Banda, with a population of 1.5 million people. The Phiri are associated with the kings and aristocracy, the Banda with healers and mystics.

Pronunciation examples for Nyanja
1. And having to learn Swahili, having to learn Nyanja,
The Girl Who Smiled Beads _ Clemantine Wamariya _ Talks at Google
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1. The late Bishop of Malawi, Peter Nyanja, was a regular guest at his vicarage and Mr Henderson arranged treatment for the Bishop at St Lukes Hospital for the Clergy, in London, for the prostate cancer that killed him in March this year.
2. They were good lads though and scared off most of the ‘threats‘ with the Nyanja version of "Bugger off". – Mike Randall, Worcester, England Add your comment Name: Your email address will not be publishedEmail: Town and country: Terms and conditionsYour comment: make text area biggerYou have characters left.