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·v To put a barrier before; hence, to shut out; to Hinder; to Stop; to Impede.
II. Preclude ·v To shut out by anticipative action; to prevent or hinder by necessary consequence or implication; to deter action of, access to, employment of, ·etc.; to render ineffectual; to obviate by anticipation.
(precludes, precluding, precluded)
If something precludes an event or action, it prevents the event or action from happening. (FORMAL)
At 84, John feels his age precludes too much travel...
VERB: V n/-ing
If something precludes you from doing something or going somewhere, it prevents you from doing it or going there. (FORMAL)
A constitutional amendment precludes any president from serving more than two terms...
VERB: V n from -ing/n
v. (formal) (d; tr.) to preclude from (to preclude smb. from doing smt.)
Pronunciation examples for Preclude
1. precludes prior restraint.
The Doomsday Machine _ Daniel Ellsberg _ Talks at Google
2. so organic basically precludes synthetic pesticides, growth
Sophie Egan _ A Radically Practical Guide to Conscious Eating _ Talks at Google
3. ...that a prenup doesn't preclude certain recompensatory--
Two Weeks Notice (2002)
4. does not preclude an epistemically objective account
Consciousness in Artificial Intelligence _ John Searle _ Talks at Google
5. and just surviving preclude a lot
The Smartest Book in the World _ Greg Proops _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Preclude
1. They also say the guidelines don‘t preclude future regulations.
2. Foreign Ministry spokesman Arye Mekel said talks didn‘t preclude fighting.
3. "There‘s nothing about it that would preclude life.
4. This rationale serves to preclude any possibility of debate.
5. But Hadley said it doesn‘t preclude an agreement.