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A promotora is a lay Hispanic/Latino community member who receives specialized training to provide basic health education in the community without being a professional health care worker. While most of their work entails educating target audiences about health issues affecting their community they also provide guidance in accessing community resources associated with health care.
Promotora Internacional de Debates - Perú         
Promotora Internacional de Debates - Perú (English: International Promoter of Debates - Peru) is a non-profit civil association dedicated to the promotion of debate and academic competences as educational tools, as well as to encourage the development of soft skills in students and professionals.
Promec Televisión         
Promec Television; Corporación Promotora de Medios de Comunicación Social
Promec Televisión (full name Corporación Promotora de Medios de Comunicación Social) was a Colombian programadora. It operated between 1973 and 1989.
Examples of use of Promotora
1. Solo la unidad nacional basada en ese principio puede servir de la fuerza promotora de la reunificacion de la patria y la prosperidad nacional.