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Propaganda (Yugoslav band)         
Propaganda (Serbian band)
Propaganda () was a Yugoslav new wave band from Belgrade, consisting of former Zvuk Ulice and Bulevar members. The band released only one album, Apatija javnosti, and disbanded.
Propaganda during the Yugoslav Wars         
  • [[Refugee]]s in [[Travnik]], a town in the Lašva Valley, 1992-1993. Photo by [[Mikhail Evstafiev]]
  • Croatian propaganda posters during the [[Croatian War of Independence]]
  • Ustašism]]"
  • destroyed by NATO on 24 April 1999]].
  • [[Psychological warfare]] by [[NATO]]
  • A [[Yugoslav People's Army]] soldier reads the propaganda of ''[[Pobjeda]]'' in which the newspaper describes [[Ustaše]] hiding behind the walls of [[Dubrovnik]].
  • F-117 Nighthawk]] during [[NATO bombing of Serbia]] in 1999.
Serb propaganda; Serbian propaganda; Role of Serb media in the 1991-1999 wars in the former Yugoslavia; Propaganda in the Yugoslav Wars; Serbian propaganda during Yugoslav Wars; Role of the media in the Yugoslav wars; Role of the media in the Yugoslav Wars; Propaganda of the Serbian media in the Yugoslav Wars; Propaganda of the media in the Yugoslav Wars; Propaganda in Yugoslavia under Slobodan Milošević; Role of the media in the breakup of Yugoslavia
During the Yugoslav Wars (1991–2001), propaganda was widely used in the media of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, of Croatia and (to an extent) of Bosnia.
Ministry of propaganda         
Propaganda Department; Minister of Propaganda; Ministry of Propaganda; Propaganda Ministry
A ministry of propaganda (also agency, bureau or department of propaganda) is the part of a government charged with generating and distributing propaganda.


Propaganda (Yugoslav band)
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