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Propaganda in Fascist Italy         
  • Fascist regime]] [[textbook]]: "''Kids, love [[Benito Mussolini]]. Benito Mussolini has worked and works always for the good of the [[Homeland]] and of the Italian people. You've overheard this many times from daddy, from mom, from the teacher: If Italy is now far more powerful than before, we owe it to Him. Let's all greet him together: To us!''"
  • Slogan: "The plow makes the furrow, but the sword defends it", with a reference to [[Romulus and Remus]] legend.
  • "The misdeeds of Bolshevism in 1919, the benefits of Fascism in 1923"
  • Statue of Mussolini in Libya
  • ''"Durare sino alla vittoria! Durare oltre la vittoria, per l'avvenire e la potenza della nazione"''.
  • The fasces of unity
  • An [[anti-socialist]] poster by the [[National Fascist Party]]
  • In Fascist propaganda, the dead are considered part of the fight for "vital space": "Guard at the borders" (''Guardia ai confini''), project for a war cemetery by [[Arnaldo dell'Ira]], 1941.
Propaganda of Fascist Italy; Fascist propaganda; Italian propaganda during World War II
The propaganda used by the National Fascist Party (PNF) in the years leading up to and during Benito Mussolini's leadership of Italy (1922–1943) was a crucial instrument for acquiring and maintaining power, and for the implementation of Fascist policies.
Transport in Italy         
  • An Intercity train at [[Bologna Centrale railway station]]
  • The [[Florence–Rome high-speed railway]]
  • A4]] motorway
  • Genoa has one of the busiest seaport in Italy
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  • [[Milano Centrale railway station]]
  • Gioia Tauro port
  • An [[Airbus A350]] of [[ITA Airways]]
  • [[Rome Metro]]
  • Line 1]] of [[Naples Metro]]
  • [[Malpensa Express]]
  • The [[Malpensa International Airport]] in Milan, the busiest airport in Italy by cargo traffic
  • [[Milan Metro]]
  • TSR]] train at [[Milano Porta Venezia railway station]]
  • [[Trieste]], the main port of the northern Adriatic and starting point of the [[Transalpine Pipeline]].
  • Ventimiglia]], near the French border
  • The [[Leonardo da Vinci International Airport]] in Rome, the busiest in Italy.
  • [[Roma Termini railway station]]
  • Ravenna port
Italy/Transportation; Transportation in Italy; Roads in Italy; Waterways in Italy; Public transport in Italy; Ports in Italy
Italy has a well developed transport infrastructure. The Italian rail network is extensive, especially in the north, and it includes a high-speed rail network that joins the major cities of Italy from Naples through northern cities such as Milan and Turin.
Propaganda in Russia         
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The propaganda of the Russian Federation promotes views, perceptions or agendas of the government of Russia. The media include state-run outlets and online technologies,The readers' editor on...