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Propero, an extension of Pearson Education, is a collection of self-paced, student-directed online courses offered to colleges and universities as an additional tool to help students complete their certificates or degrees. Propero courses are equipped with an eTextbook, downloadable audio podcasts, assessments, live tutoring, student coaching and live 24/7 technical support.
Pronunciation examples for Propero
1. proper.
Muriel Cooper _ David Reinfurt _ Talks at Google
2. Next, we need proper science, proper evidence.
3. proper movement.
Anissa Helou _ Food As Culture, Preserving Culinary Lore for Future Generations _ Talks at Google
4. proper way.
The Other Woman _ Hank Phillipi Ryan _ Talks at Google
5. proper reward.
The Knockoff Economy - How Imitation Sparks Innovation _ Kal Raustiala _ Talks at Google