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Prophesies; Prophecies; Prophesizing; Prophetic; Prophercy; Prophesying; Prophesized; Prophesied; Prophesyed; Propheside; Prophesy; Prophets And Prophecy; Ethical prophecy; Exemplary prophecy; Ancient prophecies; Prophecy, Gift Of; Nevuah
  • soothsayer]] delivering a prophecy to a king, deriving it from stars, fishes, and noises from the mountains
  • ''David and Saul'', detail from an 1878 oil painting, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm
  • ''The revolution of 1831. As prophesied by that learned astrologer General Ikey Wether-Bridge''

1) (K) no one could prophesy your becoming governor
2) (L) I prophesied that she would succeed
¦ verb (prophesies, prophesying, prophesied)
1. predict.
2. speak or write by divine inspiration.
prophesier noun
ME: from OFr. profecier, from profecie (see prophecy); the different spellings of prophesy and prophecy were established after 1700.
The words prophesy and prophecy are often confused. Prophesy is the spelling that should be used for the verb (he was prophesying a bumper harvest), whereas prophecy is the correct spelling for the noun (a bleak prophecy of war and ruin).
v. a.
Predict, foretell, prognosticate, divine, augur, premonish.



In religion, a prophecy is a message that has been communicated to a person (typically called a prophet) by a supernatural entity. Prophecies are a feature of many cultures and belief systems and usually contain divine will or law, or preternatural knowledge, for example of future events. They can be revealed to the prophet in various ways depending on the religion and the story, such as visions, divination, or direct interaction with divine beings in physical form. Stories of prophetic deeds sometimes receive considerable attention and some have been known to survive for centuries through oral tradition or as religious texts.

Pronunciation examples for Prophesy
1. prophesy is the most gratuitous.
2. So you get this self-fulfilling prophesy: newspapers are for old people, the comics
Unshelved _ Bill Barnes _ Talks at Google
3. Well, that may or may not be prophesy, because it was perfectly obvious to me that was coming.
Mariposa _ Greg Bear _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of Prophesy
1. A self–fulfilling prophesy that only strengthens prejudices.
2. It‘s a self–fulfilling prophesy." He cites San Francisco‘s no–kill philosophy.
3. So yes, I prophesy the fall of the seaside, but I hope for it, too.
4. Barak may try to fulfill, for the second time, his prophesy of ‘there is no partner.‘ .
5. Advertisement This isn‘t the first time investors on Israel‘s capital market have evinced the gift of prophesy.