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Royal Eagle         
Royal Eagle is a 1936 British crime film directed by George A. Cooper and starring John Garrick, Nancy Burne, Felix Aylmer and Edmund Willard.
Rolls-Royce Eagle         
  • Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII
  • Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII at the [[Canada Aviation Museum]]
  • Rolls-Royce Eagle engines at [[Derby]] in 1919
Rolls-Royce Eagle VII; Rolls Royce Eagle; Rolls-Royce Eagle (V-12); Rolls-Royce Eagle VIII; Rolls-Royce Eagle IX; Rolls-Royce 250hp; Rolls Royce Eagle VIII; Rolls-Royce Eagle I; Rolls-Royce Eagle IV
The Rolls-Royce Eagle was the first aircraft engine to be developed by Rolls-Royce Limited. Introduced in 1915 to meet British military requirements during World War I, it was used to power the Handley Page Type O bombers and a number of other military aircraft.
Eagle (heraldry)         
  • Emblem of the [[Sri Lanka Air Force]]
  • Eagle of Saint John from the [[Book of Dimma]] (8th century)
  • 249x249px
  • Eagle essorant (rousant)
  • 1. Eagle close.
2. Eagle rising, wings elevated and addorsed.
3. Eagle rising, wings elevated and displayed.
4. Eagle rising, wings addorsed and inverted.
5. Eagle rising, wings displayed and inverted.
  • [[Great Seal of the United States]]
  • Coat of arms]] of the [[First French Empire]]
  • Reconstruction of the 14th-century royal flag (''Königsfahne''), with a single-headed eagle, the predecessor of the 15th-century imperial flag with the double-headed imperial eagle
  • Eagle ''decapitate'' (without head), coat of arms of German nobility von der Hoven, alias: "Pampus".
  • Carolingian]] ivory plaque with the [[Eagle of Saint John]] with halo, Victoria & Albert Museum.
  • An early heraldic eagle in the seal of [[Vienna]] (1239)
  • Charles V]] (Jakob Kallenberg 1545)
  • J. Siebmachers großes Wappenbuch]]'') vol. 1 part 2-5 (reprint), Nuremberg (1909-1929).</ref>
  • Henry VII]] in ''[[Codex Balduini]]'' due to the similarity with the imperial coat of arms had long been misinterpreted as representing Henry himself.
<!--"Man hat lange in [dem deutschen Ritter] den König selbst erkennen wollen, nur erregte die Wiederholing des Reichsadlers Bedenken; es ist kein Anderer, als Graf Werner von Homberg, einer der tapfersten Kämpen des deutschen Heeres und ein Schrecken der Gegner in der Feldschlacht." -->
<ref>Georg Irmer, ''Die Romfahrt Kaiser Heinrich's VII im Bildercyclus des Codex Balduini Trevirensis'' (1881), [ p. 45].</ref>}}
  • Moravian eagle]]
  • Silesian eagle]]
Imperial eagle; Spreadeagle (heraldry); Heraldic eagle; Eagle heraldry; Imperial Eagle; Kleestängel; Kleestengel; Klee-Stengeln; Brustspange; Brustsichel; Brustmond
The eagle is used in heraldry as a charge, as a supporter, and as a crest. Heraldic eagles can be found throughout world history like in the Achaemenid Empire or in the present Republic of Indonesia.