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Tamara Kupuniya         
Tamara Andreevna Kupuniya (; 21 September 1902 — 26 November 1985) was a Soviet collective farmer who was twice awarded the title Hero of Socialist Labor for her accomplishments in agriculture. She also worked in politics, serving as a deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the Georgian SSR and as a delegate to the 20th Congress of the Community Party.
Tamara Divíšková         
Tamara Diviskova; Tamara Divišková
Tamara Divišková (born 9 July 1934, in Brno) is a Czech ceramist and costume designer. During her career, she has collaborated with the National Theatre in Brno, among other institutions.
Lyces tamara         
Josia tamara
Lyces tamara is a moth of the family Notodontidae first described by Hering in 1925. It is found in southern Mexico and Guatemala.