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Assemblers; Assembler (artist); Asembler; Assembler (disambiguation)

An assembler is a person, a machine, or a company which assembles the individual parts of a vehicle or a piece of equipment such as a computer.
<programming> A program which converts assembly language into machine code. (1996-03-25)
¦ noun
1. a person who assembles component parts.
2. Computing a program for converting instructions written in symbolic code into machine code.
another term for assembly language.



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Pronunciation examples for assembler
1. x86 assembler telling the processor
Bitwise - A Life in Code _ David Auerbach _ Talks at Google
2. This is Gen9 gene assembler,
3. the assembler is a professional.
Edison2 _ Oliver Kuttner _ Talks at Google
4. I'm the co-founder of Assembler Labs.
Why Detroit Is The Next Unicorn Capital _ Ian Sefferman _ Talks at Google
5. I enjoyed writing in assembler language
Atypical Girl Geek _ Katherine Hitchcock _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of assembler
1. Mullah Jalil, a key leader in the area, and Mullah Mohammed Younis, a chief improvised explosive device assembler, were captured.
2. "US imports...would in part shift from China as the final assembler to other emerging–market economies in Asia and, perhaps, in Latin America as well.
3. Thach landed a job in the United States as an assembler at a local factory and worked another job in construction.
4. The company is now cooperating with a Russian vehicle assembler in sales as it continues to talk to the government about the factory, chairman Wei Jianjun said Wednesday.
5. Nokia, Ericsson and Siemens, as well as car part maker Bosch Rexroth and assembler Honda Motor, were also told to close for 24 to 48 hours.