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Something that automatically works but nobody knows why, especially used in reference to web design and development.
We called him Magic Mike - because so many things he did seemed to work automagically. But there was no magic at all. He just saw something the rest of us didn't.
<jargon> /aw-toh-maj'i-klee/ or /aw-toh-maj'i-k*l-ee/ Automatically, but in a way that, for some reason (typically because it is too complicated, or too ugly, or perhaps even too trivial), the speaker doesn't feel like explaining to you. E.g. "The C-INTERCAL compiler generates C, then automagically invokes cc to produce an executable." See magic. [Jargon File] (2001-05-18)
A word used to describe an event or action that one cannot explain rationally.
I got in the shower, and automagically my date called. or So, you put the fabric in the machine and it comes out the other end as a shirt. How's that happen? I dunno..automagically.
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1. and functionality to make that automagically possible for them
_ Tina Sharkey _ Talks at Google