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Become; Become (Seventh Wonder album); Become (album)
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1) (d; intr.) to become of (what became of her?)
2) (formal) (R) it doesn't become you to speak like that
3) (S) she became a teacher; to become depressed
(becomes, becoming, became)
Frequency: The word is one of the 700 most common words in English.
Note: The form 'become' is used in the present tense and is the past participle.
If someone or something becomes a particular thing, they start to change and develop into that thing, or start to develop the characteristics mentioned.
I first became interested in Islam while I was doing my nursing training...
As she reached the age of thirty she became convinced she would remain single all her life...
After leaving school, he became a professional footballer...
V-LINK: V adj, V -ed, V n
If something becomes someone, it makes them look attractive or it seems right for them.
Don't be crude tonight, Bernard, it doesn't become you.
= suit
VERB: no passive, no cont, V n
If you wonder what has become of someone or something, you wonder where they are and what has happened to them.
She thought constantly about her family; she might never know what had become of them...
PHRASE: V inflects
I. v. n.
Get, grow, turn to, change to, be changed to, be converted into, be turned into, be transformed into, get to be, come to be.
II. v. a.
Suit, befit, adorn, set off, be suitable to, be proper for, be appropriate to.


Seventh Wonder

Seventh Wonder is a Swedish progressive metal band from Stockholm, formed in 2000.

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Examples of use of become
1. The same people who become alcoholics, become drug addicts.
2. "Artillerymen can become infantrymen, artillerymen can become policemen," he said.
3. Shared experience makes competitors become friends, friends become close friends.
4. He will become martyred, and his movement will become stronger.
5. We all become anxious if we let ourselves become anxious.