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Bracelets; Braclet; Tennis bracelet; Penannular bracelet; Beaded bracelet
  • Diamond and gold in-line jewelry bracelet, a.k.a. "tennis bracelet".
  • Penannular bracelet, [[Oxus Treasure]], [[Achaemenid]] period, c. 500 BCE
  • [[Amber]] beaded bracelet
  • Byzantine weave]], with silver-plated copper rings and green aluminium rings
  • Popular [[friendship bracelet]]s (2007).
  • bear]], spaceship, and grand piano.
  • Ancient Egyptian hinged cuff bracelet, c. 1479 –1425 BCE
  • Metal bangles
  • Silicone and stainless steel emergency ID sports bracelet (2010).
  • Link bracelet

·noun A piece of defensive armor for the arm.
II. Bracelet ·noun An ornamental band or ring, for the wrist or the arm; in modern times, an ornament encircling the wrist, worn by women or girls.
A bracelet is a chain or band, usually made of metal, which you wear around your wrist as jewellery.
¦ noun
1. an ornamental band or chain worn on the wrist or arm.
2. (bracelets) informal handcuffs.
ME: from OFr., from bras 'arm', from L. bracchium.



A bracelet is an article of jewellery that is worn around the wrist. Bracelets may serve different uses, such as being worn as an ornament. When worn as ornaments, bracelets may have a supportive function to hold other items of decoration, such as charms. Medical and identity information are marked on some bracelets, such as allergy bracelets, hospital patient-identification tags, and bracelet tags for newborn babies. Bracelets may be worn to signify a certain phenomenon, such as breast cancer awareness, or for religious/cultural purposes.

If a bracelet is a single, inflexible loop, it is often called a bangle. When it is worn around the ankle it is called an ankle bracelet or anklet. A boot bracelet is used to decorate boots. Bracelets can be manufactured from metal, leather, cloth, plastic, bead or other materials, and jewelry bracelets sometimes contain jewels, rocks, wood, shells, crystals, metal, or plastic hoops, pearls and many more materials.

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1. bracelet, you are single.
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2. an ankle bracelet, or what--
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Examples of use of bracelet
1. Giles says he received his old bracelet in September.
2. Newborns at Covenant are tagged with a security bracelet, said Stafford, who did not give details on how the bracelet worked.
3. A rare jade bracelet the color of lavender costs $247,500.
4. Carruthers will wear an ankle bracelet to monitor his whereabouts.
5. After all, he isn‘t just a leading Canadian‘s ankle bracelet.