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Browsers; Browser (disambiguation); Broswer

<hypertext> A program which allows a person to read hypertext. The browser gives some means of viewing the contents of nodes (or "pages") and of navigating from one node to another. Netscape Navigator, NCSA Mosaic, Lynx, and W3 are examples for browsers for the World-Wide Web. They act as clients to remote web servers. (1996-05-31)
¦ noun
1. a person or animal that browses.
2. Computing a program with an interface for displaying HTML files, used to navigate the World Wide Web.
A browser is a piece of computer software that you use to search for information on the Internet, especially on the World Wide Web. (COMPUTING)
A browser is someone who browses in a shop.
...a casual browser.



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Pronunciation examples for browser
1. the browser.
Untappd _ Greg Avola _ Talks at Google
2. But like even a browser, can a browser shut down?
Intersection of Wellness and Technology _ Talks at Google
3. I'm using the safe browser, the browser that doesn't record
Privacy’s Blueprint _ Woodrow Hartzog _ Talks at Google
4. And then the browser appeared. The browser was great,
5. called the Tor browser.
Examples of use of browser
1. "We would not build a browser for the fun of building a browser," he added.
2. "We would not build a browser for the fun of building a browser," he said.
3. Nokia said in a statement the new browser would use the same open source components as Apple‘s Safari Internet browser.
4. The KnockaTV concept is 100 percent browser–based.
5. Configure your browser to block data files called "cookies," or when that‘s not possible, periodically clear existing cookies from your browser.