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C.C.; Cc; C C; C. C.; CC (disambiguation); C-C; C.c.; Cc.; CC (song)

<networking> The country code for the Cocos (Keeling) Islands. (1999-01-27)
Country Code (Reference: MS-ISDN, GSM, mobile-systems)
Carbon Copy



CC, cc, or C-C may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for cc
1. CC: Yes, correct.
2. CC: No, we don’t.
3. That's not a courtesy CC.
Digital Etiquette - The Future of Good Manners _ Victoria Turk _ Talks at Google
4. it's called Gliese 667 Cc --
5. But even it includes this CC rule.
Digital Etiquette - The Future of Good Manners _ Victoria Turk _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of cc
1. Cc: Vice President Southern Sudan Cc: Governor Western Equatoria State Cc: Governor Central Equatoria Cc: Governor Eastern Equaroria Cc: Governor Jonglei State Cc: Governor Lakes State CC: Commissioner East Mundri County Cc: Commissioner West Mundri County Cc: Commissioner Mvolo County
2. "I am now going to add 1400 cc and 1800 cc bikes to my fleet," he said.
3. Vieron la funcion junto con el el secretario del CC del PTC, Kim Ki Nam, el jefe de departamento del CC del PTC, Pak Nam Gi, y otros cuadros del CC del PTC y generales del EPC.
4. The lowest category motorcycle license, A2, now allows riding up to a 125 cc bike, instead of the previous 50 cc scooter.
5. Antonio Guterres UN High Commissioner for Refugees CC: H.E George Bush President of the United States CC: H.E Tony Blair British Prime Minister CC: H.E Salva Kiir Mayardiit First Vice President of the Sudan President of the Government of South Sudan CC: International Human Rights Organizations SSWEN Inc.