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Classes; Class (disambiguation); The Class (book); Outclass; The Class; The Class (film); The Class (disambiguation); Classes (disambiguation); Class (TV series); Class (song); Class (novel); The Class (novel)

·pl of Classis.
Classes Plantarum         
Classes plantarum
Classes Plantarum ('Classes of plants', Leiden, Oct. 1738) is a book that was written by Carl Linnaeus, a Swedish botanist, physician, zoologist and naturalist.
1. <programming> The prototype for an object in an object-oriented language; analogous to a derived type in a procedural language. A class may also be considered to be a set of objects which share a common structure and behaviour. The structure of a class is determined by the {class variables} which represent the state of an object of that class and the behaviour is given by a set of methods associated with the class. Classes are related in a class hierarchy. One class may be a specialisation (a "subclass") of another (one of its "superclasses") or it may be composed of other classes or it may use other classes in a client-server relationship. A class may be an abstract class or a concrete class. See also signature. 2. <programming> See type class. 3. <networking> One of three types of Internet addresses distinguished by their most significant bits. 3. <language> A language developed by the Andrew Project. It was one of the first attempts to add object-oriented features to C. (1995-05-01)



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1. working class, middle class, upper middle class,
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Examples of use of classes
1. Mary took education classes, and Matthew took Bible classes.
2. Previously, single–sex classes had been allowed in only limited cases, such as gym classes and sex education classes.
3. Until last year, single–sex classes were allowed in only limited cases, such as gym classes and sex education classes.
4. The ICT classes are supplemented by tailoring, Urdu language classes in the hallway outside.
5. They should be given anger management classes and animal husbandry classes.