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Epo; EPO (disambiguation)

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also epo
EPO is a drug that can improve performance in sports and is used illegally by some sportspeople. EPO is short for 'erythropoietin'.
¦ abbreviation
1. erythropoietin (used especially when isolated as a drug).
2. European Patent Office.



EPO or epo may refer to:

Pronunciation examples for epo
1. into an EPO opportunity.
Antarctica Mountains Science _ Dale Andersen _ Talks at Google
2. until the UK and the EPO had already
The Reasonable Robot _ Ryan Abbott _ Talks at Google
3. Or in the UK and the EPO you get 18 months
The Reasonable Robot _ Ryan Abbott _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of epo
1. Zotta had said more tests were needed before the EPO doping cases could be confirmed.
2. Commissioned his own scientific research which questioned the credibility of the current EPO test.
3. EPO was already illegal, but there was no test capable of determining its existence.
4. Erythropoietin (EPO) Widely used by drug cheats in long–distance running and professional cycling, EPO improves the oxygen–carrying capacity of the body and therefore improves an athlete‘s endurance.
5. US media reported the blood–boosting drug erythropoietin (EPO) had been found in Jones‘s urine sample.