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Equally cursed and blessed

Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.
Equally means in sections, amounts, or spaces that are the same size as each other.
A bank's local market share tends to be divided equally between the local branch and branches located elsewhere...
Try to get into the habit of eating at least three small meals a day, at equally spaced intervals.
ADV: ADV after v, ADV -ed
Equally means to the same degree or extent.
All these techniques are equally effective...
Success doesn't only depend on what you do. What you don't do is equally important.
ADV: ADV adj/adv, ADV before v
Equally is used to introduce another comment on the same topic, which balances or contrasts with the previous comment.
They needed his help, but equally they did not trust him.
ADV: ADV with cl
·adv In an equal manner or degree in equal shares or proportion; with equal and impartial justice; without difference; alike; evenly; justly; as, equally taxed, furnished, ·etc.
¦ adverb
1. in an equal manner.
2. in amounts or parts that are equal.
3. to an equal degree.


Equally Cursed and Blessed

Equally Cursed and Blessed is the third studio album by Welsh band Catatonia, released in April 1999 via Blanco y Negro Records. It reached number one in the UK Album Chart, and three singles were released from it: "Dead from the Waist Down", "Londinium" and "Karaoke Queen".

Pronunciation examples for equally
1. equally.
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2. equally.
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3. Equally.
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4. equally valued, and most importantly, equally represented.
5. It's equally.
Improving Women’s Social Role _ Dagmola Sakya _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of equally
1. My faith tells me that we‘re all children of God, equally loved, equally cherished, equally entitled to the rights he grants us all.
2. Under his gaze, the mighty and the lowly were equally as strange, equally as interesting, equally as worthy of being in a museum as he was himself.
3. By the third episode – the "Winslet" one – this feels like an equally clever and equally distinctive series.
4. Equally incisive But he was equally incisive about his on–off relationship with the Chancellor Gordon Brown.
5. Equally the use of good governance to deny the people to create democratic governance is equally condemnable.