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<character> "=", ASCII character 61. Common names: ITU-T: equals; gets; takes. Rare: quadrathorpe; INTERCAL: half-mesh. Equals is used in many languages as the assignment operator though earlier languages used ":=" ("becomes equal to") to avoid upsetting mathematicians with statements such as "x = x+1". It is also used in compounds such as " <= ", " >= ", " == ", " /= ", " != " for various comparison operators and in C's " += ", " *= " etc. which mimic the primitive operations of two-address code. (1995-03-29)
Equals (game)         
  • Divisor piece from the Equals board game
  • Equals board game
The game Equals was a board game similar to Scrabble, but instead of tiles with letters combined to form words, it used tiles with numbers and basic arithmetic operations to form equations.
1) equal in (equal in price)
2) equal to (one kilometer is equal to five eighths of a mile; equal to the occasion)
n. an equal in (to have no equal in political cunning)
v. (D; tr.) to equal in



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Pronunciation examples for equals
1. so, copyright equals control equals money.
How to Fix Copyright _ Bill Patry _ Talks at Google
2. Self worth equals ability which equals performance.
The Fundamental Shift _ Rob Scott _ Talks at Google
3. because zero equals zero equals zero.
4. equals generation.
Star Trek and The Science of Optimism _ Nicholas Meyer _ Talks at Google
5. equals closeness.
Stop Being Lonely _ Kira Asatryan _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of equals
1. "Presence equals security equals stability equals success," Davis said of the buildup.
2. Strong winds equals big waves equals danger at sea.
3. "If we can‘t live as equals at least let‘s die as equals.
4. The Monitor‘s View The Bush formula for drying up terrorism is pretty basic÷ Democracy equals freedom equals a satisfied populace.
5. DEMONSTRATORS (Shouting)÷ Slavery plus genocide equals Sudan.