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  • CSI Brough Memorial Church, Erode
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  • Erode-Junction-Railway-Station]]
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  • rugs]] made in Erode are famous throughout India and are exported
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(erodes, eroding, eroded)
If rock or soil erodes or is eroded by the weather, sea, or wind, it cracks and breaks so that it is gradually destroyed.
By 1980, Miami beach had all but totally eroded...
Once exposed, soil is quickly eroded by wind and rain.
= wear away
VERB: V, be V-ed
...the deeply eroded landscape.
If someone's authority, right, or confidence erodes or is eroded, it is gradually destroyed or removed. (FORMAL)
His critics say his fumbling of the issue of reform has eroded his authority...
America's belief in its own God-ordained uniqueness started to erode.
VERB: V n, V
If the value of something erodes or is eroded by something such as inflation or age, its value decreases.
Competition in the financial marketplace has eroded profits...
The value of the dollar began to erode rapidly just around this time.
VERB: V n, V
·add. ·vt To wear away; as, streams and glaciers erode the land.
II. Erode ·vt To eat into or away; to Corrode; as, canker erodes the flesh.
III. Erode ·add. ·vt To produce by erosion, or wearing away; as, glaciers erode U-shaped valleys.
v. a.
Consume, destory, canker, corrode, eat away.



Erode ([iːɾoːɽɯ]) is a city in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Erode is the seventh largest urban agglomeration in the state, after Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirapalli, Tiruppur and Salem. It is also the administrative headquarters of the Erode district. Administered by a city municipal corporation since 2008, Erode is a part of Erode Lok Sabha constituency that elects its member of parliament. Located on the banks of River Kaveri, it is situated centrally on South Indian Peninsula, about 400 kilometres (249 mi) southwest of its state capital Chennai, 250 kilometres (155 mi) south of Bengaluru, 100 kilometres (62 mi) east of Coimbatore and 275 kilometres (171 mi) east of Kochi. Erode is an agricultural, textile and a BPO hub and among the largest producers of turmeric, hand-loom and knitwear, and food products.

Pronunciation examples for erode
1. women erode,
2. you erode willpower.
Scaling Up Excellence _ Bob Sutton & Huggy Rao _ Talks at Google
3. do erode leisure time.
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4. to really erode relationships.
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5. It erodes immune function.
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Examples of use of erode
1. The proposed law would erode judicial independence.
2. Ultimately, these mixed messages erode confidence.
3. Things started to erode soon after Bush‘s re–election.
4. Aso‘s comments are likely to erode his already sagging popularity.
5. The effect was to "erode respect" for his capabilities.