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Escalation Ladder; Escalate; Escalation (disambiguation); Escalation (film); Escalation (1968 film)

(escalates, escalating, escalated)
If a bad situation escalates or if someone or something escalates it, it becomes greater in size, seriousness, or intensity. (JOURNALISM)
Both unions and management fear the dispute could escalate...
The protests escalated into five days of rioting...
Defeat could cause one side or other to escalate the conflict.
VERB: V, V into n, V n
escalation (escalations)
The threat of nuclear escalation remains.
...a sudden escalation of violence.
v. (D; intr.) to escalate into (the local war escalated into a major conflict)
¦ verb
1. increase rapidly.
2. become or make more intense or serious.
escalation noun
1920s (in the sense 'travel on an escalator'): back-form. from escalator.



Escalation is the process of increasing or rising, derived from the concept of an escalator. Specific uses of the term include:

  • Cost escalation, an increase in the price of goods
  • Conflict escalation, an increase in the intensity of a conflict
  • Escalation of commitment, an aspect of game theory
  • Privilege escalation, a computer security process
  • Technological escalation, a technological version of an arms race
Pronunciation examples for escalate
1. And so the price escalates, material escalates.
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2. They escalate.
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3. escalate it?
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4. It quickly escalates.
5. than de-escalate it.
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Examples of use of escalate
1. Article continues Costs have continued to escalate.
2. "Ethnic cleansing could escalate," the report says.
3. The PA‘s failing control has allowed small disputes to escalate.
4. This most recent assault will only escalate the cycle.
5. "We‘re going to begin to de–escalate," Chavez said.