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Esprit de Corps; Esprit d'corps

esprit de corps         
Esprit de corps is a feeling of loyalty and pride that is shared by the members of a group who consider themselves to be different from other people in some special way. (FORMAL)
esprit de corps         
1) to develop (an) esprit de corps
2) (a) strong esprit de corps
esprit de corps         
[??spri: d?'k?:]
¦ noun a feeling of pride and mutual loyalty uniting the members of a group.
Fr., lit. 'spirit of the body'.


Esprit de corps (disambiguation)

Esprit de corps is a French phrase meaning the morale of a group.

Esprit de Corps may also refer to:

  • Esprit de Corps (magazine), a Canadian military magazine
  • Esprit de Corps (EP), a 2005 EP by Wild Beasts
  • "Esprit de Corps" (The Avengers), an episode of the British spy-fi television series The Avengers
  • Esprit de Corps (film), 2014 Philippines film by Kanakan Balintagos about the military
Pronunciation examples for esprit de corps
1. But we also value esprit de corps
2. there would be this esprit de corps,
Scaling Up Excellence _ Bob Sutton & Huggy Rao _ Talks at Google
3. came with that-- the esprit de corps, the camaraderie,
Biking With Mark _ Mark Gainey _ Talks at Google
4. groups engender a sense of esprit de corps,
How to Use Graphic Design _ Michael Bierut _ Talks at Google
5. So we had a great communication network and esprit de corps with our volunteers, starting
The Audacity to Win _ David Plouffe _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of esprit de corps
1. Scott Taylor, a former Canadian soldier, is the editor of Esprit de Corps military magazine and a veteran war correspondent.
2. "In the military environment, team cohesion, morale and esprit de corps is a matter of life and death," he said.
3. There‘s a real esprit de corps and although some of the girls are clearly competitive there‘s no bitchiness.
4. He entered the Marines as an "unfocused" teenager from Greenwich, Conn., and left 12 years later with "a lot of the integrity, the esprit de corps," he said.
5. If they were imbued with esprit de corps and a sense of excellence, they would make do with the salaries and service conditions of the 1''0s.