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·noun A thing worthy of regard.
II. Estimable ·adj Valuable; worth a great price.
III. Estimable ·adj Capable of being estimated or valued; as, estimable damage.
IV. Estimable ·adj Worth of esteem or respect; deserving our good opinion or regard.
Appreciable, calculable, computable, capable of being estimated.
Worthy, good, excellent, meritorious, deserving, worthy of regard, deserving of respect or esteem.
¦ adjective worthy of great respect.
estimably adverb
Pronunciation examples for estimable
1. estimable theme in happiness.
Happier at Home _ Gretchen Rubin _ Talks at Google
2. And they were all estimable folks.
Kids First - Five Big Ideas for Transforming Children's Lives _ David Kirp _ Talks at Google
3. instance, doesn't survive, and other really estimable newspapers
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Examples of use of estimable
1. Among my estimable colleagues in the Washington commentariat, the idea that Connecticut Sen.
2. The speaker, of course, was not the lamentable Alberto Gonzales but the estimable Robert H.
3. It goes, deservedly, to the Islander, the estimable weekly newspaper of Ascension Island in the middle of the south Atlantic.
4. Except for the estimable John Patterson, most of our pitching has disappeared, via free agency and injury.
5. This is a huge, difficult work, played in one long movement so sophisticated that the estimable Orchestra of St.