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On-sight climbing; Rock climbing area; Climbing area; Index of climbing topics; Climbing on sight; List of climbing techniques; Edging (climbing); User:Stewartadcock/Climbing glossary; Skyhook (climbing); Belay station; Climbing glossary; Mantling (climbing); Crimp (climbing); Mantle (climbing); Headpoint; Gaston (climbing); Pink pointing; Pinkpoint; Retro-bolting; Smearing (climbing); Trundling; Campusing; Climbing techniques; Rope drag; Flash (rock climbing); Rock climbing terms; Climbing terms; Whipper; Whippers; Dyno (climbing); Hangdog; Hangdogging; Hang-dog; Hang-dogging; Hang dog; Climbing terminology; Chimney (climbing); Index of climbing articles; Mantleshelf; Chimneying; Head point; Pink point; On-sight; List of climbing topics; Traverse climbing; Climbing technique; Climbing Terminology; Climbing region; Glossary of climbing; Lolotte; Laybacking; Arqué; Toe hook; Flagging (climbing); Match (climbing); Clipping (climbing); On sight; Crag (climbing); Clean (climbing); Deadman (climbing); Belay slave; Belay bitch; Jamming (climbing); Flash (climbing); Deadpoint; Onsight; Finger pockets; Edge (climbing); Downclimb; Downclimbing; Mantel (climbing); Jamming (rock climbing); Deadman anchor; Dirtbag climbing; Dirtbag climber; Greenpoint (climbing); Progress capture device; Aider; Etrier; Armbar (climbing); Cordelette; Cord (climbing); Sit start; Testpiece; Direct start
  • toe hook}}'''
  • figure four}}''' move
  • Zone hold}}'''
  • bollard}}'''
  • Abalakov thread}}'''
  • Figure eight}}''' belay
  • Figure-eight knot}}'''
  • Australian rappel}}'''
  • crimps}}'''
  • Sloper}}''' hold
  • Bachar ladder}}'''
  • Belay glove}}'''
  • grigri}}'''
  • buttresses}}'''
  • campusing}}'''
  • sit start}}'''.
  • side pull}}'''
  • brake bar rack}}'''
  • Talus}}''' rocks
  • Laybacking}}'''
  • via ferrata}}'''
  • protection}}'''
  • Cleaning tool}}'''
  • Dead hanging}}'''
  • lock off}}'''
  • tufas}}'''
  • Nuts}}'''
  • Hexes}}'''
  • Friends}}'''
  • Traditional climbing}}'''
  • Hangboard}}'''
  • Copperhead}}s'''
  • Cordelette}}'''
  • jamming}}'''
  • splitter}}''' crack
  • Big wall climbing}}'''
  • Bouldering mat}}'''
  • Off-width}}''' climb
  • second}}''' (left)
  • Daisy chain}}'''
  • American death triangle}}'''
  • ice screw}}''' (right)
  • roof}}'''
  • Heel hook}}'''
  • Picket}}'''
  • Climbing shoe}}'''
  • runout}}'''
  • glissade}}'''
  • high ball}}'''
  • Haul bag}}'''
  • double ropes}}'''
  • adze}}'''
  • knee bar}}'''
  • Ice hammer}}'''.
  • bat hang}}'''.
  • Egyptian}}'''
  • barn door}}''' swing to the right.
  • chalk bag}}'''
  • Portaledge}}'''
  • Volume hold}}s'''
  • ice axe}}'''
  • crampons}}'''
  • Mono}}''' hold.
  • Deep-water soloing}}'''
  • No-hand rest}}'''
  • Traversing}}'''
  • Energy absorber}}'''
  • Ascender}}s'''
  • hanging belay}}''' (bottom climber)
  • Piton}}'''
  • RURP}}'''
  • Mantel}}''' move
  • Stemming}}'''
  • Dihedral}}'''
  • Drilled baby angle}}'''
  • belay station}}'''
  • chicken head}}'''
  • back-step}}'''
  • whipper}}'''
  • webbing}}'''
  • Skyhook}}'''
  • Snow fluke}}'''
  • Top roping}}'''
  • etrier}}'''
  • harness}}
  • Tricam}}'''
  • Tubers}}'''
  • tape}}'''
  • stick clip}}'''
  • energy absorber}}'''
  • Self-locking device}}'''
  • Z-pulley}}''' system
  • zawn}}''' in Wales
  • ascender}}

¦ noun Climbing a short rope ladder with a few rungs of wood or metal.
1950s: from Fr. etrier 'stirrup'.
also hang-dog
If you say that someone has a hangdog expression on their face, you mean that they look sad, and often guilty or ashamed.
ADJ: usu ADJ n


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