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Evade; Evasive; Evasion (disambiguation)

·adj Tending to evade, or marked by evasion; elusive; shuffling; avoiding by artifice.
¦ adjective tending to avoid commitment or self-revelation.
?directed towards avoidance or escape: evasive action.
evasively adverb
evasiveness noun
If you describe someone as evasive, you mean that they deliberately avoid giving clear direct answers to questions.
He was evasive about the circumstances of his first meeting with Stanley Dean...
'I can't possibly comment on that,' Paul said evasively.
ADV: ADV with v
She looked at him closely to see if his evasiveness was intentional.
N-UNCOUNT: oft poss N
If you take evasive action, you deliberately move away from someone or something in order to avoid meeting them or being hit by them.
At least four high-flying warplanes had to take evasive action.
PHRASE: V inflects



Evasion or evade may refer to:

  • Evade, a 1960s board game in the 3M bookshelf game series
  • Évadé, the term given to French and Belgian nationals fleeing German-occupied Europe
  • Évasion, a Canadian French-language travel and adventure television channel
  • Évasion FM, a French local radio station
  • Evasion (ethics), a deceptive act
  • Evasion (law), to avoid government mandate through specious means (tax evasion, for example)
  • Evasion (book), a book adapted from a zine of the same title
  • Evasion (network security), techniques to by-pass network security devices
  • Evasi0n, an untethered jailbreaking tool for iOS devices
  • Citroën Evasion, a Eurovan minivan
  • Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape, American military training program that includes evasion from enemy capture
  • Evasion, a VR shooter released for the Steam, PS4, HTC Vive, and Oculus Rift and Rift S platforms by Archiact Interactive
Pronunciation examples for evasive
1. back in the evasive maneuver.
Scrum _ Dr Jeff Sutherland _ Talks at Google
2. or it might sound evasive.
Every Song Ever _ Ben Ratliff _ Talks at Google
3. sort of an evasive, humble guy.
A Mind at Play _ Jimmy Soni & Rob Goodman _ Talks at Google
4. that power the fly's evasive actions.
5. so evasive that you don't actually
Ng _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of evasive
1. The other pilot also took evasive action, the FAA said.
2. Even some Republicans said his testimony was evasive.
3. RANGEL: That‘s evasive. (LAUGHTER) But I‘m used to that.
4. U.S. and European officials characterized Tehran‘s reaction as evasive.
5. Even on cost, Ministers are evasive, pleading commercial confidentiality.