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Combined training; Three-day eventing; Three-Day Event; 3-Day Eventing; Horse Trials; Horse Trial; Horse trial; Horse trials; Eventer; Three Day Event; Three day eventing; Sydney international three day event; Three day event; Three day events; Event rider; 3 day event; Trial horse; Three-day event; Equestrian (eventing)
  • [[William Fox-Pitt]] performing a [[half-pass]] in a dressage test at an event
  • eventing training

¦ noun an equestrian sport in which competitors must take part in each of several contests, usually cross-country, dressage, and showjumping.
¦ noun Brit. a horse or rider that takes part in eventing.
European Eventing Championships         
Eventing European Championships; European Eventing Championship; European Horse Trials
The European Eventing Championships, like most other European Championships, is held every two years. Today it is a three star eventing competition.



Eventing (also known as three day eventing or horse trials) is an equestrian event where a single horse and rider combine and compete against other competitors across the three disciplines of dressage, cross-country, and show jumping. This event has its roots in a comprehensive cavalry test that required mastery of several types of riding. The competition may be run as a one-day event (ODE), where all three events are completed in one day (dressage, followed by show jumping and then the cross-country phase) or a three-day event (3DE), which is more commonly now run over four days, with dressage on the first two days, followed by cross-country the next day and then show jumping in reverse order on the final day. Eventing was previously known as Combined Training, and the name persists in many smaller organizations. The term "Combined Training" is sometimes confused with the term "Combined Test", which refers to a combination of just two of the phases, most commonly dressage and show jumping.

Examples of use of eventing
1. Some are retrained for polo, amateur racing or eventing.
2. But at the moment she is just too focused on her eventing to think about marriage.
3. In eventing, to keep one horse on the road costs around 20,000 a year.
4. Currently the three–day eventing champion, she had to work hospital visits around her preparations for the Beijing Olympics.
5. For a start, how many parents have a 700–acre estate complete with Olympic–standard eventing facilities?