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·adv In an eventual manner; finally; ultimately.
Frequency: The word is one of the 1500 most common words in English.
Eventually means in the end, especially after a lot of delays, problems, or arguments.
Eventually, the army caught up with him in Latvia...
The flight eventually got away six hours late.
= finally
ADV: ADV with cl, ADV before v
Eventually means at the end of a situation or process or as the final result of it.
Eventually your child will leave home to lead her own life as a fully independent adult...
She sees the bar as a starting point and eventually plans to run her own chain of country inns.
= ultimately
ADV: ADV with cl, ADV before v
Eventually (mathematics)         
Sufficiently large; Large enough
In the mathematical areas of number theory and analysis, an infinite sequence or a function is said to eventually have a certain property, if it doesn't have the said property across all its ordered instances, but will after some instances have passed. The use of the term "eventually" can be often rephrased as "for sufficiently large numbers", and can be also extended to the class of properties that apply to elements of any ordered set (such as sequences and subsets of \mathbb{R}).


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1. But eventually, eventually.
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2. Eventually,
3. eventually.
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Examples of use of eventually
1. Eventually, they damage enough brain cells to trigger confusion, memory loss and eventually death.
2. Supermarkets eventually slashed prices unilaterally.
3. Eventually, however, she eventually stepped down as international development secretary and finally dropped out of the Labour party last year.
4. Will the little guy Galloway eventually prevail as ambassador Wilson eventually did, or will the establishment knives bring him down?
5. He eventually entered a residential treatment program.