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Ever (disambiguation); Ever (album); The Ever

You use ever in adjectives such as ever-increasing and ever-present, to show that something exists or continues all the time.
...the ever-increasing traffic on our roads.
...an ever-changing world of medical information...
¦ adverb
1. [usu. with negative or in questions] at any time.
used in comparisons for emphasis.
2. at all times; always.
3. increasingly; constantly.
4. used for emphasis in questions expressing astonishment or outrage.
ever and anon archaic occasionally.
ever since throughout the period since.
ever so (or such) Brit. informal very; very much.
OE fre, of unknown origin.
At any time.
Always, evermore, perpetually, continually, eternally, aye, for aye, forever, at all times, to the end of time, through all ages, till doomsday.



Ever may refer to:

  • Ever (artist), creator of street art, from Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Ever, Kentucky
  • -ever, an English suffix added to interrogative words in forms like wherever
  • KT Tech EVER, a South Korean mobile phone manufacturer or its brand
  • EveR South Korean android project
Pronunciation examples for ever-
1. Like, never, ever, ever, ever. Never, ever, ever. Never happens.
Confessions of a Public Speaker _ Scott Berkun _ Talks at Google
2. ever, ever.
Anatomy of a Creative Image _ Jamie Ibarra _ Talks at Google
3. I've ever seen ever, ever.
Photography _ Thomas Hawk _ Talks at Google
4. ever, ever, ever, especially if they're private.
Alpha Girls _ Julian Guthrie & Sonja Hoel Perkins _ Talks at Google
5. But nobody ever, ever, ever remembers
Here I Am - A Novel _ Jonathan Safran Foer _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of ever-
1. He does not ever, ever have to lick nobody‘s arse, ever.‘ Not ever, ever having to lick nobody‘s arse, ever is a big thing for Giorgio.
2. "You turn over virtually everything you‘ve ever done, ever said, virtually everything your spouse has ever done, ever said," he said.
3. "As we say in Texas, if all you ever do is all you‘ve ever done, then all you‘ll ever get is all you ever got," Spellings said.
4. No one has ever nailed a southern accent before – ever.
5. Why doesn‘t ever–greater wealth promote ever–greater happiness?