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Everday; Everyday (album); Every Day (song); Everyday (song); Every Day; Every Day (disambiguation); Everyday (disambiguation); Every Day (film); Every day

You use everyday to describe something which happens or is used every day, or forms a regular and basic part of your life, so it is not especially interesting or unusual.
In the course of my everyday life, I had very little contact with teenagers.
...the everyday problems of living in the city...
ADJ: usu ADJ n
¦ adjective
1. daily.
2. commonplace.
·adj Used or fit for every day; common; usual; as, an everyday suit or clothes.



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Pronunciation examples for everyday
1. Everyday.
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2. everyday.
The Art of Investing _ François Rochon _ Talks at Google
3. everyday?
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4. everyday.
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5. of everyday practice, everyday problems,
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Examples of use of everyday
1. She tells small tales, impressions and anecdotes of everyday life and everyday dream life.
2. Life everyday events used to be represented by "The Archers", now replaced by everyday murder and assault.
3. Terrorism and sectarian murder are everyday events.
4. Britney sings: "Everyday I‘m in a daze, looking for that someone "And everyday, I sit and kneel and pray "Oh, sweet love, can I get some?
5. They turned my house into a battlefield,» he said. «Everyday there was a problem and everyday there was a fight between them.