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adj. (formal) (cannot stand alone) evocative of
·adj Calling forth; serving to evoke; developing.
Pronunciation examples for evocatively
1. she evocatively described it, a world of
The Riddle of the Labyrinth _ Margalit Fox _ Talks at Google
2. or more precisely, if less evocatively,
The Science of the Self _ Anil Ananthaswamy _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of evocatively
1. "Customers with more than one active credit card are walking around with a bomb in their pocket," says Lidor evocatively.
2. In museums, displays and Liberty Trails across Washington, Boston and Philadelphia, the republic‘s radical heritage is evocatively celebrated.
3. They are named evocatively, in our great maritime tradition – Sea View, Ocean Spray and Atlantic Cottage are some favourites – and are characterised by their simplicity and humility.
4. Zahir Shah has evocatively described the new Parliament building, being built with India’s help, as «magnificently meaningful to us as the Taj is for India.»
5. The 3D movie at the Exhibition Hall gives a comprehensive view of the various sporting venues, evocatively called Bird’s Nest and Cubic Water.