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Exact (disambiguation); Exactly
Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.
You use exactly before an amount, number, or position to emphasize that it is no more, no less, or no different from what you are stating.
Each corner had a guard tower, each of which was exactly ten meters in height...
Agnew's car pulled into the driveway at exactly five o'clock...
= precisely
ADV: usu ADV num, also ADV prep/adv [emphasis]
If you say 'Exactly', you are agreeing with someone or emphasizing the truth of what they say. If you say 'Not exactly', you are telling them politely that they are wrong in part of what they are saying.
Eve nodded, almost approvingly. 'Exactly.'...
'And you refused?'-'Well, not exactly. I couldn't say yes.'
= precisely
ADV: ADV as reply
You use not exactly to indicate that a meaning or situation is slightly different from what people think or expect.
He's not exactly homeless, he just hangs out in this park.
ADV: not ADV, usu ADV group [vagueness]
You can use not exactly to show that you mean the opposite of what you are saying.
This was not exactly what I wanted to hear...
Sailing is not exactly cheap.
ADV: not ADV, usu ADV group [emphasis]
You use exactly with a question to show that you disapprove of what the person you are talking to is doing or saying.
What exactly do you mean?...
= precisely
ADV: ADV with quest [disapproval]
see also exact
Exact (disambiguation); Exactly
·adv In an exact manner; precisely according to a rule, standard, or fact; accurately; strictly; correctly; nicely.
Exact (disambiguation); Exactly
¦ adverb
1. in exact terms.
2. used to confirm or agree with what has just been said.


Copy Exactly!

Copy Exactly! is a factory strategy model developed by the computer chip manufacturer, Intel, to build new manufacturing facilities with high capacity practices already in place. The Copy Exactly! model allows factories that successfully design and manufacture chips to be replicated in locations globally.

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Examples of use of exactly
1. It‘s not exactly ethical, but it‘s not exactly news.
2. Exactly right, exactly right.• And to Bangalore, where else?
3. QUESTION:Â It‘s exactly the same situation, the same kind of airplanes and exactly the same situation?
4. Where exactly, and what exactly, were still a mystery to them.
5. "If it‘s not going exactly right, we‘re going to make it go exactly right," Bush vowed.