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What (who) is exasperated - definition

1) exasperated at, by
2) exasperated to + inf. (she was exasperated to find nobody at home)
If you describe a person as exasperated, you mean that they are frustrated or angry because of something that is happening or something that another person is doing.
The president was clearly exasperated by the whole saga...
ADJ: oft ADJ by/with/at n
v. a.
Irritate, provoke, chafe, vex, nettle, incense, anger, affront, offend, enrage, make angry, aggravate.
Exacerbate, aggravate, inflame, render more violent.
Pronunciation examples for exasperated
1. in a frustrated, exasperated sigh,
Smart Phone Pulse Oximeter _ Yale Zhang _ Talks at Google
2. Exasperated and fearing a scandal,
The Bad-ass Librarians of Timbuktu _ Joshua Hammer _ Talks at Google
3. I was exasperated and tired and annoyed,
4. And you've just exasperated the problem.
Stem Cells Increases Human Life Expectancy _ Mark Katakowski _ Talks at Google
5. like I'd seen exasperated men do.
Agents of the Internet Apocalypse _ Wayne Gladstone _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of exasperated
1. For anything?" Specter asked, clearly exasperated.
2. Exasperated, they eventually checked him into the clinic.
3. Stammer admits he gets exasperated with their vacillating.
4. The scale of the problem has exasperated Britain.
5. "When kids feels exasperated, they stamp their feet.