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You use excepting to introduce the only thing that prevents a statement from being completely true. (FORMAL)
The source of meat for much of this region (excepting Japan) has traditionally been the pig.
¦ preposition except for; apart from.
·p.pr. & ·vb.n. of Except.
II. Excepting (·prep & ·conj, but properly a participle) With rejection or exception of; excluding; except.
Pronunciation examples for excepting
1. excepting Kepler.
A Planet for Goldilocks _ Natalie Batalha _ Talks at Google
2. All sisters, excepting me.
3. like you're going to be the most forgiving, excepting,
Wild _ Cheryl Strayed _ Talks at Google
4. be bad leaders most of the time excepting at evaluation time
Restoring the Soul of Business _ Rishad Tobaccowala _ Talks at Google
5. Excepting a sore throat, a fever and a headache, nothing is wrong with me."
Pride and Prejudice (2005)
Examples of use of excepting
1. "The Lost Painting" checks in at a brisk 262 pages, excepting notes and acknowledgments.
2. Democrats said they believe they have a united caucus –– excepting Sen.
3. It was noted in the report, based on World Bank data, that there will be zero or negative population growth in European countries excepting Ireland.
4. Second, and more importantly, Germany is currently Israel‘s best friend in Europe, and perhaps even in the world, excepting the United States.
5. According to the Foreign Office breakdown, the greatest numbers of Britons excepting those in China are in Australia and the United States.