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Pustule; Skin Disease; Skin lesion; Dermatological lesions; Macule; Skin diseases; Excoriation; Pustules; Wheals; Dermatosis; Dermatoses; Bullous; Papulosis; Wheal response; Lichenification; Maculopapules; Macules; Umbilicated lesions; Umbilicated lesion; Skin disorder; Induration; Skin disorders; Skin lesions; Skin scraping; Weals; Skin Diseases; Vesicle (dermatology); Skin abnormalities; Induratum; Excoriate; Cutaneous illness; Patch (dermatology); Plaque (dermatology); Bulla (dermatology); Nodule (dermatology); Burrow (dermatology); Scale (dermatology); Crust (dermatology); Erosion (dermatopathology); Skin diease; Bullous disorder; Umbilical lesion; Periumbilical lesion; Postsclerotherapy ulcer; Annular lesions; Lichenified eczema; Erosion (dermatology); Induration of skin; Intraepidermal vesicles; Localised lesions; Vascular lesions; Secondary ulcers; Rupioid lesions; Tuberous ulcers; Skin disease; Papular; Macular; Neurotic excoriation(s); Dermatologic condition; Scarlatiniform; Micropustules; Cutaneous conditions; Macular rash; Umbilication; Mucocutaneous disease; Pruning (maceration); Skin nodule; Dermatological condition; Skin conditioning; Skin reaction; Autoimmune bullous disease; Small blisters; Integumentary disorder; Integumentary disease; Integumentary condition; Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorders; Skin change; Skin changes; Skin and subcutaneous tissue disorder; Cutaneous condition; Skin plaque; Skin eruption; Skin eruptions; Dermal toxicity

·noun Stripping of possession; spoliation.
II. Excoriation ·noun The act of excoriating or flaying, or state of being excoriated, or stripped of the skin; abrasion.
Flaying, skinning, scarification, abrasion.
v. a.
Flay, skin, gall, scar, scarify, score, gouge out, abrade, strip the skin from.


Skin condition

A skin condition, also known as cutaneous condition, is any medical condition that affects the integumentary system—the organ system that encloses the body and includes skin, nails, and related muscle and glands. The major function of this system is as a barrier against the external environment.

Conditions of the human integumentary system constitute a broad spectrum of diseases, also known as dermatoses, as well as many nonpathologic states (like, in certain circumstances, melanonychia and racquet nails). While only a small number of skin diseases account for most visits to the physician, thousands of skin conditions have been described. Classification of these conditions often presents many nosological challenges, since underlying causes and pathogenetics are often not known. Therefore, most current textbooks present a classification based on location (for example, conditions of the mucous membrane), morphology (chronic blistering conditions), cause (skin conditions resulting from physical factors), and so on.

Clinically, the diagnosis of any particular skin condition begins by gathering pertinent information of the presenting skin lesion(s), including: location (e.g. arms, head, legs); symptoms (pruritus, pain); duration (acute or chronic); arrangement (solitary, generalized, annular, linear); morphology (macules, papules, vesicles); and color (red, yellow, etc.). Some diagnoses may also require a skin biopsy which yields histologic information that can be correlated with the clinical presentation and any laboratory data. The introduction of cutaneous ultrasound has allowed the detection of cutaneous tumors, inflammatory processes, and skin diseases.

Examples of use of excoriation
1. The excoriation of colleagues has become a habit.
2. The patients constantly scratch their skin – a process called neurotic excoriation – creating sores that never get the chance to heal.
3. Cosby began it with a public excoriation of bad (and single) parenting, slang English, unplanned pregnancies, dropping out of education, and high crime.
4. But almost every Whitehall department has serious trouble in its portfolio that would once have merited audit excoriation and a commission of inquiry, if not ministerial resignation.
5. The shock jock‘s suspension and excoriation are sweet vindication of a decade–long quest –– almost: "Only if he‘s fired," Nobile said yesterday.