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Excrescence (disambiguation); Excrescent

If you describe something such as a building, addition, or development as an excrescence, you strongly disapprove of it because you think it is unnecessary, bad, or ugly. (LITERARY)
...an architectural excrescence...
The trade union block vote is an excrescence on democracy.
= blot
N-COUNT: usu with supp, oft N on n [disapproval]
·noun An excrescent appendage, as, a wart or tumor; anything growing out unnaturally from anything else; a preternatural or morbid development; hence, a troublesome superfluity; an incumbrance; as, an excrescence on the body, or on a plant.
Wart, tumor, morbid protuberance or growth.
Superfluity, useless outgrowth, deforming attachment or appendage.



Excrescence may refer to:

  • Excrescence (phonology), the addition of a consonant to a word
  • In medicine and physiology, an outgrowth, especially of this skin, such as occurs in carnosity
  • Excrescence (architecture), a term defined by the architect Ruskin to mean an unpleasant addition to a building
Examples of use of excrescence
1. The latter, along with Israel, that excrescence on humanity and international law, will not rest until it attacks Iran, and murders thousands more Muslims.
2. Their specious arguments may resonate with the nescient elements in the West who have been reduced to automata by the skilful manipulation of the Zionists, but the rest of the world understands the truth: Bush and Blair stand on a platform of blatant mendacity, searing brutality and rivers of Muslim blood, to justify the excrescence on humanity and justice which Israeli acts and American imperialism have become.
3. That very same day, newspaper space that could less nauseatingly have been made available to a close–up picture of Antony Worrall Thompson, or an account of a colonoscopy, was cleared for a piece by Dave headlined "Why I bought my nicotine patches at Boots the chemist ... " If, having smoked 20 B&H on the trot as a matter of principle, you wondered "where the hell does he go from here?", the answer was to the press conference about ethical home energy. (In these days of routinely debased abstract nouns, this is known as "momentum".) Much in the manner of some daytime TV excrescence fronted by Phillip Schofield, the event was referred to as a "lunchtime challenge". Join me, David invited various hacks who had been encouraged to bring along their electricity bills.