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1. <mathematics> (Or "map", "mapping") If D and C are sets (the domain and codomain) then a function f from D to C, normally written "f : D -> C" is a subset of D x C such that: 1. For each d in D there exists some c in C such that (d,c) is an element of f. I.e. the function is defined for every element of D. 2. For each d in D, c1 and c2 in C, if both (d,c1) and (d,c2) are elements of f then c1 = c2. I.e. the function is uniquely defined for every element of D. See also image, inverse, partial function. 2. <programming> Computing usage derives from the mathematical term but is much less strict. In programming (except in functional programming), a function may return different values each time it is called with the same argument values and may have side effects. A procedure is a function which returns no value but has only side-effects. The C language, for example, has no procedures, only functions. ANSI C even defines a type, void, for the result of a function that has no result. (1996-09-01)
characteristic action
1) to fulfill, perform a function
2) a grammatical function
3) the bodily functions
mathematical correspondence
4) an exponential; inverse; linear; trigonometric function
social event
5) to attend a function
6) an annual; social function
¦ noun
1. an activity that is natural to or the purpose of a person or thing.
a computer operation corresponding to a single instruction from the user.
2. a large or formal social event or ceremony.
3. Mathematics a relation or expression involving one or more variables.
a variable quantity regarded as depending on another variable.
4. a thing dependent on another factor or factors.
5. Chemistry a functional group.
¦ verb work or operate in a proper or particular way.
?(function as) fulfil the purpose or task of (a specified thing).
functionless adjective
C16: from Fr. fonction, from L. functio(n-), from fungi 'perform'.



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Examples of use of functions
1. Government acquires more functions because no one dares strip away any existing functions.
2. We have been following his brain and lung functions carefully and his brain functions are gradually improving,» Tosun said.
3. India‘s civilian government functions transparently and accountably.
4. "It could have implications for the way Castro functions, and by natural course, the way the Cuban government functions," the official added.
5. Accordingly, lowly functions such as washing, dressing and administering bedpans — where dignity was most fragile — were the functions that in nursing were invested with the highest possible significance.