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What (who) is handmade - definition

also hand-made
Handmade objects have been made by someone using their hands or using tools rather than by machines.
As they're handmade, each one varies slightly.
...handmade chocolates.
If something is handmade, it is made by someone using their hands or using tools rather than by machines.
The beads they use are handmade in the Jura mountains in central France...
V-PASSIVE: be V-ed
·adj Manufactured by hand; as, handmade shoes.
¦ adjective made by hand rather than machine.


Handmade or hand made may refer to:
Pronunciation examples for handmade
1. These are all handmade.
2. And this is where handmade really gets handmade.
The Craftsmanship of Fine Guitars _ Erez Perelman _ Talks at Google
3. incredibly handmade process.
Tubes - A Journey to the Center of the Internet _ Andrew Blum _ Talks at Google
4. handmade pastas, great sauces.
Hospitality & Technology _ Michael Mina _ Talks at Google
5. a whole-meal, handmade,
Examples of use of handmade
1. "It‘s Iranian, 200 knots, and," Garcell lowers his voice, "handmade.
2. The group first started operating by importing handmade rugs.
3. Teaming up with the homebrews are handmade sausages.
4. "They‘re real Tudor bricks, handmade locally." What, made by Tudors?
5. His barrel had oaken staves and handmade iron hoops.