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Linking; Links; Linked; The Link; Link (mathematics); Link.; Link (single); Link (graph theory); LINK; Link (disambiguation); The Link (disambiguation); Link!; Links (disambiguation); Link (song)

golf course
(out) on the links
·add. ·noun A tract of ground laid out for the game of golf; a golfing green.



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Pronunciation examples for links
1. The links are links between neural systems.
AI Cognition Won't Work for Consciousness _ Ned Block _ Talks at Google
2. COMPUTER: Links.
How Blind Users Experience Youtube _ Victor Tsaran _ Talks at Google
3. of links.
Telling Our Way to the Seas _ Aaron Hirsh _ Talks at Google
4. sharing links to YouTube, links to Facebook and the bigger
Going Dark - The Secret Social Lives of Extremists _ Julia Ebner _ Talks at Google
5. There's links to literature.
Open Source on a Universal Scale _ Alyssa Goodman _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of links
1. It is also energy links, it is telecommunications links," he said.
2. With road links cut and sea and air links limited, shortages are rife.
3. A British Foreign Office spokesman described Iran‘s links to militant groups in Iraq as unacceptable, without detailing those links.
4. Following the previous interruption of overseas links, Etisalat increased its links from 15 to 1' to ensure additional redundancy.
5. We need to know what the links were with the various different individuals, whether they had links abroad.