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Monitors (DC Comics)         
The Monitors (comics); Bob the Monitor; Nix Uotan; Monitors (comics); Monitor (comics); Monitor (DC Comics)
The Monitors are a group of fictional comic book characters, who appear in books published by DC Comics.
Moniters; Monitors; Monitor (Computer Science); Monitor (computer science); Monitor program; Monitor (newspaper); Monitor (disambiguation); Moniter; Monitor (TV); Monitor (TV series)
(monitors, monitoring, monitored)
Frequency: The word is one of the 3000 most common words in English.
If you monitor something, you regularly check its development or progress, and sometimes comment on it.
Officials had not been allowed to monitor the voting...
You need feedback to monitor progress.
VERB: V n, V n
...analysis and monitoring of the global environment.
If someone monitors radio broadcasts from other countries, they record them or listen carefully to them in order to obtain information.
Peter Murray is in London and has been monitoring reports out of Monrovia.
A monitor is a machine that is used to check or record things, for example processes or substances inside a person's body.
The heart monitor shows low levels of consciousness.
N-COUNT: usu n N
A monitor is a screen which is used to display certain kinds of information, for example in airports or television studios.
He was watching a game of tennis on a television monitor.
= screen
N-COUNT: oft N n
You can refer to a person who checks that something is done correctly, or that it is fair, as a monitor.
Government monitors will continue to accompany reporters.
N-COUNT: usu supp N
Moniters; Monitors; Monitor (Computer Science); Monitor (computer science); Monitor program; Monitor (newspaper); Monitor (disambiguation); Moniter; Monitor (TV); Monitor (TV series)
¦ noun
1. a person or device that monitors something.
2. a television receiver used in a studio to view the picture being transmitted from a particular camera.
a screen which displays an image generated by a computer.
a loudspeaker used by performers on stage to hear themselves or in a studio to hear what has been recorded.
3. a school pupil with disciplinary or other special duties.
4. (also monitor lizard) a large tropical lizard with a long neck and a short body, formerly believed to give warning of crocodiles. [Genus Varanus: many species.]
5. historical a shallow-draught warship mounting one or two heavy guns for bombardment.
¦ verb observe and check over a period of time.
?maintain regular surveillance over.
?listen to and report on (a radio broadcast or telephone conversation).
monitorial adjective
monitorship noun
C16: from L., from monit-, monere 'warn'.
Pronunciation examples for monitors
1. monitors.
Good News, Oklahoma! _ Doug Hannah _ Talks at Google
2. monitors.
Beer Money - A Memoir of Privilege and Loss _ Frances Stroh _ Talks at Google
3. monitors them, monitors their blood levels.
Lissa Rankin _ Talks at Google
4. monitors elections.
McChesney _ Talks at Google
5. She monitors.
Yalda Uhls _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of monitors
1. Asked when monitors could expect to get their visas, Churov argued that this depended on the monitors themselves.
2. Agencies Belfast: The Irish Republican Army (IRA) has decommissioned its weapons in Northern Ireland, independent monitors according to independent monitors.
3. Unarmed monitors Monitors face a tough task ensuring the warring sides avoid a return to fighting, which sank previous talks.
4. Winking monitors flash the station‘s three channels.
5. It monitors candidates‘ interviewing and assessment results.