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Peri Gmbh; PERI GmbH
  • PERI made custom formwork for the construction of the [[Absolute World]] buildings
  • Logo of PERI SE

¦ prefix
1. round; about: pericardium.
2. Astronomy denoting the point nearest to a specified celestial body: perihelion. Compare with apo-.
from Gk peri 'about, around'.
·- A prefix used to signify around, by, near, over, beyond, or to give an intensive sense; as, perimeter, the measure around; perigee, point near the earth; periergy, work beyond what is needed; perispherical, quite spherical.
Gabriel Péri         
Gabriel Peri
Gabriel Péri (Peri) (9 February 1902 — 15 December 1941) was a prominent French Communist journalist and politician, and member of the French Resistance. He was executed in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.



PERI is a manufacturer and supplier of formwork and scaffolding systems founded in 1969 in Weißenhorn, Germany.

Pronunciation examples for peri-
1. Well, personally, I love peri peri sauce.
Marcus Samuelsson _ The Rise - Black Cooks and the Soul of American Food _ Talks at Google
2. in the peri-urban regions.
3. in peri-urban and rural areas.
4. is "Eurydice," by Peri, and also "L'Orfeo" by Monteverdi.
World Premiere of Hadrian - A New Canadian Opera _ Hadrian Opera _ Talks at Google
5. of our urban, peri-urban, suburban agricultural existence
Examples of use of peri-
1. At Gramadoelas they come drenched in spicy peri–peri sauce –– presumably to mask the flavor.
2. Jacobs, a sales manager at Peri Wiehahn, said he was amazed when his parachute started spinning.
3. "She thinks big," says Chaim Peri, former director of the Yemin Orde youth village south of Haifa.
4. "The Finance Ministry is taking shortcuts on the backs of the elderly," Itzik Peri, head of the Social Workers Organization, said.
5. Chaim Peri of the Yemin Orde boarding school) warned years ago that exclusion, especially on a cultural–national basis, would cause an upheaval whose results would be catastrophic.