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What (who) is photometer, shadow - definition

Photometer, Shadow      
A photometer in which the relative intensity of the two lights is estimated by the intensity or strength of shadows of the same object which they respectively cast. Fig. 262. RUMFORD'S SHADOW PHOTOMETER. Fig. 263. RUMFORD'S SHADOW PHOTOMETER ARRANGED FOR TESTING INCANDESCENT LAMPS. A rod is supported in a vertical position. Back of it is a screen of white paper. The two lights to be compared are arranged in front of the rod and at a little distance from each other. They are shifted about until the two shadows appear of equal darkness. The relative intensity of the lights varies inversely with the square of their distances from the shadows cast respectively by them on the screen. The cut, Fig. 262, shows the simplest type of the shadow photometer. In the cut, Fig. 263, a shadow photometer for testing incandescent lamps is shown. In it E is the lamp under trial supported by a clamp H. A is an ampere meter in circuit with the lamp, and V is a voltmeter. A candle C can be moved along a graduated scale G G. R is the vertical rod, and S is the screen on which the shadows fall.