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v. 1) to place a notice on the entrance or a prominent place on real property, such as a notice to quit (leave), pay rent or of intent to conduct a sheriff's sale, which requires mailing of a copy to the occupant to complete service of the notice. 2) to place a legal notice on a designated public place at the courthouse. 3) a commercial term for recording a payment. 4) to mail.
1) (BE) see mailI
2) (BE) free post
3) (CE) parcel post
4) (BE) by return of post (AE has by return mail)
v. (BE)
1) (A) she posted the book to me; or: she posted me the book
2) (D; tr.) to post from; to (the letter was posted from London to Edinburgh) (AE has mail II)
1) a command; listening; observation; trading post
place of duty
2) to leave; quit one's post
3) at one's post (to be asleep at one's post)
v. (esp. BE) (d; tr.) ('to station') to post to (she was posted to Bonn)
1) a starting post (at a horse race)
2) (colloq.) (BE) a telegraph post
3) (misc.) from pillar to post ('from one situation to another without letup'); (BE) to pip at the post ('to overtake and defeat at the very end')



Post or POST commonly refers to:

  • Mail, the postal system, especially in Commonwealth of Nations countries
    • An Post, the Irish national postal service
    • Canada Post, Canadian postal service
    • Deutsche Post, German postal service
    • Iraqi Post, Iraqi postal service
    • Russian Post, Russian postal service
    • Hotel post, a service formerly offered by remote Swiss hotels for the carriage of mail to the nearest official post office
    • United States Postal Service or USPS
    • Parcel post, a postal service for mail that is heavier than ordinary letters
  • Post, a job or occupation

Post, POST, or posting may also refer to:

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1. post.
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2. Post."
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3. post."
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Examples of use of post
1. In the post–New York, post–Bali, post–Madrid reconfiguration of terror, it was arithmetically small beer.
2. Abdullah Al Daboos, Director Emirates Post, said÷ "Emirates Post is gradually intensifying its programme of offering multiple, non–postal services at post offices.
3. The Washington Post plans to post the schedules on this morning.
4. Accolades and achievements followed as he moved from post to post.
5. Royal Mail plans to continue emptying some post boxes and collecting from post offices.