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If you get a posting to a different town or country, your employers send you to work there, usually for several years. (mainly BRIT; in AM, usually use assignment
He was rewarded with a posting to New York...
N-COUNT: with supp, oft N to n
see also post
If a member of an armed force gets a posting to a particular place, they are sent to live and work there for a period.
...awaiting his posting to a field ambulance corps in early 1941.
N-COUNT: oft with supp, oft N to n
A posting is a message that is placed on the Internet, for example on a bulletin board or website, for everyone to read. (COMPUTING)
Postings on the Internet can be accessed from anywhere in the world.
A message sent to a newsgroup or mailing list (may also be called "a post") or the act of sending it. Distinguished from a "letter" or ordinary electronic mail message by the fact that it is broadcast rather than point-to-point. It is not clear whether messages sent to a small mailing list are postings or e-mail; perhaps the best dividing line is that if you don't know the names of all the potential recipients, it is a posting. [Jargon File]
¦ noun chiefly Brit. an appointment to a job, especially one abroad or in the armed forces.
¦ noun a message sent to an Internet bulletin board or newsgroup.



Post or POST commonly refers to:

  • Mail, the postal system, especially in Commonwealth of Nations countries
    • An Post, the Irish national postal service
    • Canada Post, Canadian postal service
    • Deutsche Post, German postal service
    • Iraqi Post, Iraqi postal service
    • Russian Post, Russian postal service
    • Hotel post, a service formerly offered by remote Swiss hotels for the carriage of mail to the nearest official post office
    • United States Postal Service or USPS
    • Parcel post, a postal service for mail that is heavier than ordinary letters
  • Post, a job or occupation

Post, POST, or posting may also refer to:

Pronunciation examples for posting
1. you're posting.
The Martian _ Andy Weir _ Talks at Google
2. keep posting.
Manpreet Toor _ Dancer, Choreographer, YouTube Star _ Talks at Google
3. Keep posting.
Manpreet Toor _ Dancer, Choreographer, YouTube Star _ Talks at Google
4. that you're posting?
Jeff Orlowski _ The Social Dilemma _ Talks at Google
5. without posting a chapter.
The Martian _ Andy Weir LAX _ Talks at Google
Examples of use of posting
1. While she said she wouldn‘t go through the trouble of posting a test herself, Cozier said she didn‘t think students posting old tests online would be a problem.
2. The authenticity of the posting couldn‘t immediately be determined.
3. Energy stocks, which have been posting strong gains this week.
4. Thank God,‘‘ a written statement in the Web posting said.
5. Thank God," a written statement in the Web posting said.